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Investigating the Creative Process
When Luc Leestemaker stands in front of a blank canvas in his studio, he is faced with the challenge of bringing the intellectual mind in synchronicity with the creative heart; a process that is both daunting and magical. Unlocking the creative force can be translated into any field, and Leestemaker demonstrates that in the stories and essays published in The Intentional Artist, and  in his talks, by considering his audience as his blank canvas. Each talk is a new experiment on how to unleash the creativity in everyone, while examining the obstacles one encounters when doing that. Leestemaker takes the audience on a journey through the nature of creativity itself.
These talks are compilations of the stories and essays from the artist-author’s recently published book The Intentional Artist. Luc Leestemaker has lived an unconventional artist's life. He has mined his extensive and varied background in art, theater and the corporate world to create these autobiographical stories, out of which a thread emerges that offers inspiration for anyone –or any organization- seeking to find or renew their creative way.
The artist, whose paintings are part of corporate, public and private collections worldwide, sees the creative mind not related to art per se, but as a universal inspiration. Earlier in his career, Luc Leestemaker founded and was CEO of the Amsterdam, Netherlands based, Leestemaker & Associates; a management consulting and PR firm, specializing in creating mutually beneficial strategic relationships between art organizations, cultural festivals and corporations. After moving to the US and settling in Los Angeles in 1990, Leestemaker honored a long standing family tradition and returned to painting full time. Over the years his paintings have been the subject of retro-spective museum exhibitions and have been shown in galleries worldwide. They are included in numerous corporate, public and private collections. In 2006, the award-winning Canadian composer Vincent Ho used four paintings of the artist as inspiration for a chamber music work titled Four Paintings By Leestemaker. Funded by the Canadian Arts Council, this work was performed at a number of music festivals around the world.
With the publication of The Intentional Artist and the accompanying talks, Leestemaker has re-entered the corporate world and Academia, but this time from the perspective of someone in the unique position to see the world both from the creative perspective of an artist, while simultaneously fully appreciating and understanding the challenges that organizations and corporations face in finding a way to integrate new developments and requirements of being both successful and responsible – global – corporate citizens in the 21st Century. 
Recent talks were held at the invitation of Cognizant (Global Technology and Management Organization) and the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada. Upcoming appearances are scheduled for Boston, Aspen, San Diego, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Fl., and Los Angeles.

More on Luc Leestemaker can be found on his website at: www.lucleestemaker.com

Skylark Press Presents
A man's journey to finding success through his own creativity.
A must-read for executives, artists and students alike.

16 stories and essays by the artist


80 color plates as a survey of twenty years of painting in the U.S.


Foreword by Art-Critic, Senior Museum Curator Peter Frank

"...Leestemaker tells stories with a wink, but also with a reason - not just to entertain, but to give a little insight into life and its lessons..."
- Peter Frank